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Welcome to Spectrum Real Estate Services

SPECTRUM Real Estate Services is a multi-faceted brokerage and property management company dedicated to finding and implementing the most effective operating and investment strategies available for the owners of income producing real estate throughout the Southern Arizona area.

We specialize in furnished and unfurnished residential, multifamily, and condominium communities, but also have deep roots of experience in the commercial office, retail, and storage industries. Hands-on, experienced personnel combined with cutting edge industry technology is what makes the difference between success and failure in today's turbulent real estate environment.

One Source. Many Solutions

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For Property Management Services:

Rental Information & Leasing Services

Contacts: Jeff Kelly & Jeanine Bradley

6969 E. Sunrise Drive, Suite 203

Tucson, AZ 85750

Phone: (520) 308-5477

Fax: (520) 308-5677


For Sales/Marketing: Business Relocation

Consulting: Investment Opportunities

Contact: Gary Lovelace

5931 North Oracle Road, Suite 211

Tucson, AZ 85704-3836

Phone: (520) 297-3639

Fax: (520) 297-3639 (received as PDF)