SPECTRUM Qualifications

Experience Like No Other - For over thirty years, SPECTRUM founder, President, and CEO, Jeff Kelly has held almost every property management position on nearly every type of real estate investment known in the industry today. Unlike the senior executives at many other real estate companies, Mr. Kelly knows firsthand what it is like to work on site in areas such as grounds, maintenance, leasing, bookkeeping, and management. At the corporate office level, he has worked as a District Manager, Regional Manager, Vice President, and President of some of the country’s leading real estate investment and management companies. Mr. Kelly has been responsible for portfolios as large as 80,000 units while working with companies such as Insignia Management Group (now AIMCO) and has worked in most of the primary and secondary markets across the United States. Along with his experience supervising a large volume of properties, Jeff has also been fortunate to successfully work with a large variety of different investment types. In addition to multifamily investments, he has managed large commercial portfolios, single family homes, condominiums, self storage facilities, and mobile home parks. In addition to real estate management, Mr. Kelly has been in the association management business since 1987, when he started working with his first condominium association located on the beautiful West Bank of New Orleans, LA. Since that time, he has been involved the management of over 100 associations located across the southeast and southwest portions of the United States.

The "Customer" is Key - Like most other successful companies, the SPECTRUM philosophy is that our customers are our most important asset. At SPECTRUM, however, we believe we have a broader base of customers to serve than what most companies might consider the norm. Obviously, our clients are important customers, but in order to provide them with the highest level of service, we must keep our residents, tenants, and homeowners happy and well-taken care of. In order to keep our residents, tenants, and homeowners happy, we have to keep our employees happy; so from the SPECTRUM perspective, our clients, residents, tenants, homeowners, and, last but certainly not least, our employees are all considered important SPECTRUM Customers and, as such, should be given the company’s top focus and priority.

Modern Technology/Old School Traditions - SPECTRUM is proud to partner with some of the industry’s leading software providers in order to provide real time, 24/7, web access to crucial performance data and property information. At the same time, our years of experience have taught us that successful real estate management requires the inclusion of certain time tested traditions as they relate to understanding each customer’s individual goals and objectives. We believe property management will always be a very hands-on proposition, so old sayings like "it requires a hands-on approach", "you need to get out and kick the bricks on a regular basis", and "inspect what you expect", will always be important aspects to every SPECTRUM policy and procedure.

Licensed, Insured, and Always Learning - Of course, SPECTRUM is licensed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Our Designated Broker is Gary S. Lovelace and employees required to be licensed individually through the Department, are so accordingly. Everyone has continuing education classes they take as part of their licensing requirements, however, we encourage additional education whenever possible through the various industry organizations we take part in, such as the Arizona Multihousing Association, the Institute of Real Estate Management, the Board of Realtors, the Arizona Association of Community Managers, and others. At SPECTRUM we believe that learning is on-going and essential to the on-going success of our customers and our company.




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