SPECTRUM Real Estate Services is a multi-faceted brokerage and property management company dedicated to finding and implementing the most effective operating and investment strategies available for the owners of income producing real estate throughout the Southern Arizona area. We specialize in furnished and unfurnished residential, multifamily, and condominium communities, but also have deep roots of experience in the commercial office, retail, and storage industries.

Hands-on, experienced personnel combined with cutting edge industry technology is what makes the difference between success and failure in today's turbulent real estate environment. SPECTRUM is excited to offer that winning combination with a staff of real estate professionals who have been through a variety of market cycles and understand what it takes to make a property thrive, even in the most difficult economic situations. The SPECTRUM Team is supported by web-based software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, so important decision-making information is available whenever, and wherever, it is needed.

SPECTRUM Real Estate Services provides state-of-the-art property management, brokerage, and consulting solutions to the owners of multifamily, single family, and commercial real estate investments. The company also provides management services for condominium and homeowner associations throughout Southern Arizona.




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